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  • Clear majority of world’s biggest investors now take action on climate change

    26th April 2017 . News . Views: 2736

    Europe leads the field but most US and Chinese investors still ignore risks and opportunities of low carbon transition The world’s biggest investors are responding to the global commitment to tackle climate change and are rapidly scaling up action to


    26th April 2017 . Featured, Reports, Resources . Views: 2519

    The fifth AODP Global Climate 500 Index launches after a year of rapid developments in articulating the financial risks of climate change to the global economy. Climate risk rose further up the investor agenda in 2016. The Paris Climate Agreement came into


    25th April 2017 . Featured - Home, Interactive Map . Views: 5507

    Find out how the world’s biggest investors – superannuation/pension funds, insurance companies, foundations/endowments and sovereign wealth funds – are managing climate risk. Access the interactive map to investigate how the 500 top asset owners

  • 2016 Global Climate Risk Survey Reports

    13th December 2016 . Climate Risk Survey Reports - 2016 . Views: 1483

    The asset owners listed below have requested we publish their disclosure reports. Click through the link to see their full response to AODP’s 2016 Global Climate Risk Survey:

  • EXXONMOBIL – Investor Engagement Report

    6th September 2016 . Reports, Resources . Views: 1874

    Climate change poses a substantive risk to global financial stability and the retirement savings of millions of people around the world. At the Paris Climate Summit world leaders pledged to limit global warming to a maximum 2ºC. Bank of England Governor and

  • “Hypocritical” investors breached responsible investment commitments to help Exxon defeat climate risk campaign

    6th September 2016 . News . Views: 2497

    Crisis of accountability as 1000 pension and retirement funds ignore member letters on AGM vote At least half of the world’s biggest investors breached their responsible investment commitments to help ExxonMobil defeat a shareholder campaign for it to

  • GLOBAL CLIMATE 500 INDEX 2016 – Insurance Sector Analysis

    21st July 2016 . Featured, Reports, Resources . Views: 2391

    Climate change poses a double threat to the insurance industry. It faces mounting costs from claims relating to the physical impacts of climate change and knock-on events such as the disruption of global supply chains. At the same time, the investment

  • Insurers lag behind pension funds on tackling climate risk, threatening financial shock

    21st July 2016 . News . Views: 2180

    Risk specialists ignore implications for their portfolios, putting trillions at risk. The global insurance industry is failing to rise to the challenge of climate change, putting trillions of dollars of investments at risk and threatening financial stability,

  • World’s biggest investors step up action to protect millions of pensions from climate risk

    2nd May 2016 . News . Views: 7641

    Report on institutions worth $38 trillion finds growth in low carbon investment and support for climate resolutions but little progress on stranded asset risk Climate change is rapidly moving up the agenda for the world’s biggest investors as pension funds


    1st May 2016 . Featured, Reports, Resources . Views: 3135

    The fourth AODP Global Climate 500 Index launches against a backdrop of positive change. It is now widely acknowledged that to ignore the financial risk of climate change is a threat to investment portfolios and a growing number of investors are taking

  • AODP Global Climate 500 Asset Owners Index

    1st May 2016 . Ratings . Views: 18411

    The AODP Global Climate Index is the world standard for assessing the world’s largest investors on climate-risk management. The Index has been produced by assessing the world’s largest 500 asset owners including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds,

  • AODP Insurance Index

    30th April 2016 . Ratings . Views: 1189

    The AODP Insurance Index assesses the world’s largest insurance funds – rating them from AAA through to X grade – on how well they are managing climate risk. Note: The below rank and change in rank figures reference the overall position on

  • AODP Pension Funds Index

    30th April 2016 . Ratings . Views: 927

    The AODP Pension Index assesses the world’s largest pension funds – rating them from AAA through to X grade – on how well they are managing climate risk. Visit the Global Climate Index for an overview of how all of the world’s largest

  • Survey

    30th March 2016 . Uncategorised . Views: 3929

    Climate change has become a central issue for financial markets. The global task force on climate risk set up by the G20’s Financial Stability Board (FSB) recently announced that it will make recommendations on how institutional investors, asset managers

  • Avoiding the Climate Crash

    10th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2208

    Even if tomorrow, a global accord was struck to radically reduce emissions to keep us to 2 degrees meaning a 90% cut by 2050 in developed nations, the locked in temperature increases would result in adaptation assets appearing in the portfolios of every

  • Investment Chain Alignment

    7th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2544

    From pension fund members and their funds, to the investment advisors, fund managers and research houses, there is evidence of significant inconsistencies in the basis of remuneration, the holding period of investments, the management of systemic risks. The

  • Active Ownership

    7th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2492

    The growth in active ownership has not only prompted many asset owners to review their investment policies and practices but it is certainly set to change the way asset owners engage with their members. Active ownership is providing a completely new

  • Low-Carbon Investment

    7th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2291

    The recent Carbon Bubble report showed that a mere fraction of the world’s fossil fuel reserves from the balance sheets of the largest companies can ever be burnt once the pathway to a 2 degree limited world has been established. To hedge or not to hedge

  • Risk Management

    7th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2421

    The fact that climate change risks are mostly long term, and carbon regulation seemingly far off in the distance, has the effect that these risks generally aren’t being adequately considered and planned for now. Ask any Chief Investment Officer what his

  • Transparency

    7th March 2016 . Context . Views: 2063

    The challenge with transparency for asset owners now is to accept that this principle is critical to both fairness, universal ownership and healthy competition and it should extend the application of this principle to its own industry. Transparency is at the