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  • Global University Index 2014-15

    28th January 2015 . Resources . Views: 764

    Since 2012, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) has ranked and rated the largest 1000 asset owners on how they manage climate risk in their investment portfolios. 2015 marks the first time the AODP has created a spin-off index, which focuses

  • Universities receive ‘fail’ on climate change risk

    27th January 2015 . News . Views: 566

    The AODP has found a shocking lack of transparency and preparedness for climate change risk, with 98 percent of universities doing little to nothing about the financial implications of the transition to the low-carbon economy. Almost all universities invited

  • AODP calls for real investor action from UN Summit

    4th October 2014 . News . Views: 641

    LONDON: The Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP), an organisation that rates large funds on management of climate risk, has today formally asked over 1000 asset owners to reveal how they govern their exposure after major pledges by investors at the UN


    1st September 2014 . Blog . Views: 2611

    Australia’s economy depends on coal, & around 55% of your superannuation is invested in high-carbon, high-risk assets. Our political system looks incapable of dealing with climate change – but can we trust our financial institutions to do better?


    27th April 2014 . News . Views: 749

    US funds driving leadership pack to create low-carbon transition. Partisan Congress won’t save retirement savings from climate change. Some of the world’s largest and best known investors continue to make a big gamble on accelerating climate change

  • Aussie University collusion shows global institutional crisis over climate change

    28th March 2014 . News . Views: 582

    SYDNEY: The Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) today urged stakeholders in Universities all over the world to demand major changes to the governance in the wake of the Monashgate scandal in Australia and the emerging resistance to transparency amongst the

  • Should the World’s Largest Institutional Investors Close Exxon?

    31st January 2014 . Blog . Views: 1704

    What happens when engagement with oil companies hits a climate change reality check?  Some ideas are so bizarre that they have to be taken seriously. I have attended several investment conferences where intelligent and experienced investment minds have

  • The Investment Landscape Is Changing

    11th December 2013 . Blog . Views: 1473

    The landscape for asset owners around the world, particularly pension funds, is changing faster than at any other time in the industry’s history. Since AODP launched its first Global Climate Index in December 2012, civil society organisations have

  • Global Climate Index 2013-14

    11th December 2013 . Resources . Views: 652

    In a year when understanding of a fund’s exposure to unburnable carbon and emissions intensity became a mainstream investment issue, the measurement of progress to managing climate risk takes on an even greater significance. This is particularly important


    10th December 2013 . News . Views: 524

    The second ever Global Climate Investment Index demonstrating how the world’s biggest investors are managing climate risk has revealed that many of the world’s investment funds are setting investors up for massive losses through their exposure to these

  • Time for super funds to face up to climate risks

    1st March 2013 . News . Views: 523

    As individuals wake up to the risks climate change poses to their superannuation, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), in partnership with the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP), is launching a campaign pressuring funds to reveal the truth about


    11th December 2012 . News . Views: 558

    MOST BIG INVESTORS POORLY MANAGED FOR CLIMATE RISKS, FINDS FIRST GLOBAL CLIMATE INDEX FOR ASSET OWNERS The first ever Global Climate Investment Index showing how the world’s biggest investors – superannuation/pension funds, insurance companies,

  • Global Climate Index 2012

    11th December 2012 . Resources . Views: 686

    The first ever Global Climate Investment Index shows how the world’s biggest investors – superannuation/pension funds, insurance companies, foundations/endowments and sovereign wealth funds – are managing climate risk. The Asset Owners Disclosure

  • Quick, Let’s Raid The Superfunds – They’ve Got Bags of Money

    15th November 2012 . Blog . Views: 1478

    The growth of superannuation funds over recent years to become the largest pool of capital has made them a target for solving many of the country’s problems or areas of under investment. The call to raid our retirement savings comes from an increasingly

  • Trustees clearly exposed over risks of climate change

    22nd October 2012 . News . Views: 582

    On 23 October 2012, the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) released a new report regarding pension and superannuation fund trustees’ fiduciary duty that indicates there are significant legal risks in the event of financial losses caused by climate

  • Largest fund in Australia too ‘under-resourced’ to worry about climate risks

    18th October 2012 . News . Views: 532

    Future Fund, the largest fund in Australia, has rejected its invitation to increase its transparency about the way it plans to manage the risks of climate change to its portfolio. Two years ago in a FOI search it was revealed that despite many investors

  • ‘The Vital Few’ launches to link pension funds to members over climate risk

    28th September 2012 . News . Views: 553

    A new social media platform to assist pension/super fund members to challenge climate risk taking and excessive short-termism in the global financial system was launched today in New York. Supported by the head of the global trade union movement and other key

  • The Vital Few

    28th September 2012 . Resources . Views: 709

    Ever wondered why it is that the global financial system seems so short term and unsustainable when as citizens our interests are long term? Ever wondered what kind of people sit atop this huge pile of global money? In 1995, global stockmarkets were owned

  • Investor Groups reject independent disclosure of climate risk management, and civil Society

    26th September 2012 . News . Views: 526

    Pension and superannuation funds face an increasing campaign of scrutiny as negotiations between the independent Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) and global investor groups on climate change break down. AODP had been working to secure collaboration with

  • Asset Owners Disclosure Project goes from strength to strength

    7th February 2012 . News . Views: 642

    The Asset Owners Disclosure Project has made two high profile appointments to its board as it heads towards its new global disclosure cycle in 2012. Former Australian Federal Opposition leader John Hewson and International Trade Union Confederation General