Global insurers must adapt to a changing climate to survive

27th February 2018 . Blog

By Toby Belsom, Head of Research, ShareAction Climate catastrophe losses have been a feature of the insurance industry for years – the Hiscox results this week were a timely reminder that these events have real implications for earnings, profits and business strategy. Climate events made sure

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We need a ‘high ambition coalition’ within the institutional investment sector

22nd February 2018 . Blog

By Catherine Howarth, Chief Executive, ShareAction Christiana Figueres, the former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, is fond of reminding investors that global carbon emissions must peak in 2020 and bend steadily downwards thereafter. It’s a daunting

Norway’s divestment of oil and gas: A Nordic utopia or just economic sense?

29th November 2017 . Blog

In light of Norway’s central bank’s proposal to reduce the exposure of the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) to quoted oil and gas equities, we reviewed some of the logic behind the proposal, other sovereign wealth funds’ (SWFs) performance in the 2017 AODP Global Climate Index and some

FSB Task Force v 1.0 just the very beginning

19th September 2016 . Blog

“Events dear boy, events” was the famous quote by former UK Prime minister Harold MacMillan and has since been used as a paraphrase for every situation where planning and scope management are taken over by reality.

What’s changed since our 2015 Index?

10th March 2016 . Blog, Featured - Home

Over a year ago, we released our third Global Climate 500 Report. We found that close to 85% of investors were doing little or refusing to disclose their strategies, and only 2% of investors could calculate their emissions intensity. Meanwhile, the leaders were accelerating in their preparedness,

Asset Owners ready to pass on the pain to suppliers

10th March 2016 . Blog, Featured - Home

Back in the mid 90’s, managing pension fund capital had to be a relatively peaceful job. They had billions of dollars under management but few customers or members seriously questioning how they did it and no true competitive market where customers walk if they don’t like the service. It


15th August 2015 . Blog

Volunteer Investment Ratings Analyst.  A unique opportunity to be part of the world’s only project for rating asset owners’ long-term climate risk management: AODP’s 2016 Global Climate Index. About the Asset Owners Disclosure Project The AODP is an independent global


1st September 2014 . Blog

Australia’s economy depends on coal, & around 55% of your superannuation is invested in high-carbon, high-risk assets. Our political system looks incapable of dealing with climate change – but can we trust our financial institutions to do better? Dr John Hewson, Chair of the Asset

Should the World’s Largest Institutional Investors Close Exxon?

31st January 2014 . Blog

What happens when engagement with oil companies hits a climate change reality check?  Some ideas are so bizarre that they have to be taken seriously. I have attended several investment conferences where intelligent and experienced investment minds have turned their attention to the challenge of

The Investment Landscape Is Changing

11th December 2013 . Blog

The landscape for asset owners around the world, particularly pension funds, is changing faster than at any other time in the industry’s history. Since AODP launched its first Global Climate Index in December 2012, civil society organisations have successfully questioned the legitimacy of an

Quick, Let’s Raid The Superfunds – They’ve Got Bags of Money

15th November 2012 . Blog

The growth of superannuation funds over recent years to become the largest pool of capital has made them a target for solving many of the country’s problems or areas of under investment. The call to raid our retirement savings comes from an increasingly large number of vested interests