Avoiding the Climate Crash

10th March 2016 • Context • Views: 3055

Even if tomorrow, a global accord was struck to radically reduce emissions to keep us to 2 degrees meaning a 90% cut by 2050 in developed nations, the locked in temperature increases would result in adaptation assets appearing in the portfolios of every pension, super, insurance and sovereign

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Investment Chain Alignment

7th March 2016 • Context • Views: 3439

From pension fund members and their funds, to the investment advisors, fund managers and research houses, there is evidence of significant inconsistencies in the basis of remuneration, the holding period of investments, the management of systemic risks. The area of active ownership gives a hint of

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Active Ownership

7th March 2016 • Context • Views: 3416

The growth in active ownership has not only prompted many asset owners to review their investment policies and practices but it is certainly set to change the way asset owners engage with their members. Active ownership is providing a completely new challenge for the world’s largest asset

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Low-Carbon Investment

7th March 2016 • Context • Views: 3297

The recent Carbon Bubble report showed that a mere fraction of the world’s fossil fuel reserves from the balance sheets of the largest companies can ever be burnt once the pathway to a 2 degree limited world has been established. To hedge or not to hedge – that is the question?  Currently

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Risk Management

7th March 2016 • Context • Views: 3287

The fact that climate change risks are mostly long term, and carbon regulation seemingly far off in the distance, has the effect that these risks generally aren’t being adequately considered and planned for now. Ask any Chief Investment Officer what his considerations are in evaluating

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7th March 2016 • Context • Views: 2854

The challenge with transparency for asset owners now is to accept that this principle is critical to both fairness, universal ownership and healthy competition and it should extend the application of this principle to its own industry. Transparency is at the heart of the new environment, social

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