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25th April 2017 • Featured - Home, Interactive Map • Views: 6765

Find out how the world’s biggest investors – superannuation/pension funds, insurance companies, foundations/endowments and sovereign wealth funds – are managing climate risk. Access the interactive map to investigate how the 500 top asset owners are performing, filtering by region,

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What’s changed since our 2015 Index?

10th March 2016 • Blog, Featured - Home • Views: 3559

Over a year ago, we released our third Global Climate 500 Report. We found that close to 85% of investors were doing little or refusing to disclose their strategies, and only 2% of investors could calculate their emissions intensity. Meanwhile, the leaders were accelerating in their preparedness,

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Asset Owners ready to pass on the pain to suppliers

10th March 2016 • Blog, Featured - Home • Views: 3152

Back in the mid 90’s, managing pension fund capital had to be a relatively peaceful job. They had billions of dollars under management but few customers or members seriously questioning how they did it and no true competitive market where customers walk if they don’t like the service. It

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Ratings Criteria

10th March 2011 • Featured - Home • Views: 4342

The scoring methodology for the insurance sector survey will be published in January 2018. Participating insurance companies will be able to raise their scoring concerns following the feedback procedure. We will get in touch with each respondent individually to follow up on this after the

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Global Climate 500 Index Leaders

6th March 2011 • Featured - Home • Views: 36

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