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Vote Your Pension is the world’s largest global shareholder engagement campaign. We’re calling on people everywhere to make themselves heard at the annual meetings of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Our first engagement was the Chevron annual meeting on Wednesday May 27, 2015 in San Ramon, California.

We want you, the everyday investor, to use your voice and pressure your pension fund. Pension funds control $ trillions of investments on the stock and bond markets. With investments in companies (like ANZ Bank), they have the right to vote FOR or AGAINST shareholder resolutions.

The Vote Your Pension ANZ campaign is run by a collaboration of Non-Profit organisations working in the Climate Change corporate arena. The partners are Asset Owners Disclosure Project and SumofUs.

This webpage is not a solicitation of proxies, and no proxies will be accepted by AODP. The purpose and effect of the checkboxes on this page is to indicate a beneficiary’s preferences and recommendation as to how his or her pension fund should vote when it exercises its fiduciary duty to vote its shares.

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Published on: 20th April 2015

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