Asset Owners Discussion Project

The AOD Project, is aimed at engaging the world’s largest institutional investors on their approach to investing and is aimed at learning their tactics, strategies and mindsets so we can help educate smaller investors. Our mission is to leverage the global financial system help create content that educates, inspires and enables the average person to create wealth and financial security for them and their family. We aim to investigate and learn from the top pension funds, asset managers and institutional investors so we can pass on their wisdom. This will allow investors like you to make better investment decisions whether it be picking stocks, buying real estate or even picking the which of the best gold IRA companies is best for you.

Please follow along and keep updated with our content schedule and feel free to get involved and ask questions. 

Hi there, My name is Harold Simmons and I am the founder and creator of the Asset Owners Discussion Project. Its my goal to create quality resources so investors can get access to information that they normally wouldn't get access too. Thanks for visiting.