Our story

The Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) rates and ranks the world’s largest institutional investors and assesses their response to climate-related risks and opportunities. The ratings are made public, providing much-needed transparency for beneficiaries, clients, investors and stakeholders, and emphasised through advocacy and direct engagement to drive change.

We have 10 years of experience carrying out climate-related investor analysis, and our assessment framework is aligned with the Task Force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. As the only comprehensive, climate-specific, independent, non-self-selective assessment, AODP prides itself on being the world’s benchmark of climate leadership in the investment system.

AODP and ShareAction

In June 2017, ShareAction announced an agreement to take over the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP). The intention was to build on the strong foundations established by 10 years of ranking the world’s largest pension funds, insurers, sovereign wealth funds and endowments.

Under ShareAction’s management, AODP will continue to be a pioneer in putting the spotlight on investors’ management of climate-related risks and driving change through advocacy based on our public ratings. We seek to challenge asset owners which are incorporating climate-related risks into decision making as an ‘add-on’ or a public relations exercise, whilst also working with climate leaders to drive progress throughout the industry.

There are several principles the AODP will adhere to going forward. In a joint study ShareAction undertook with the Dutch group VBDO, these were identified as key features of successful benchmark surveys and are principles the AODP will look to follow:


  • Knowledge – the survey organisation needs to understand the selected investment market to ensure questions and topics are relevant;
  • Engagement – with a range of stakeholders in relation to the benchmark design, its scoring methodology and follow-up engagement;
  • Verification – a public and fair scoring process with verification of the results;
  • Governance – a governance structure that ensures the surveyor is independent from the survey respondents;
  • Advocacy – ensuring the benchmark is used as a tool to encourage improvement across a range of participating and non-participating organisations;
  • Trends – publishing repeated benchmark ‘editions’ that would encourage improvement and build engagement over time;
  • Collaboration – working with partners so the survey challenges but enables participants to improve.

Our team

Catherine Howarth

Chief Executive

Catherine joined ShareAction as Chief Executive in 2008. ShareAction coordinates civil society activism to promote responsible investment across Europe. She is a board member of the Scott Trust, owner of The Guardian, serving on the Scott Trust’s investment committee. She also serves on the Investment Committee of The Trust for London. She was a Member Nominated Trustee of The Pensions Trust for five years until Spring 2013. Catherine was recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2014.

Email: catherine.howarth@shareaction.org

Toby Belsom

Head of Investor Research

Toby joined ShareAction in April 2017 as Head of Investor Research & Analytics. Prior to joining ShareAction, he spent 10 years as a UK equity portfolio manager at Aviva Investors and a further 7 years as an analyst on one of the leading socially responsible investment teams at NPI, Henderson Investors and Aviva Investors. He brings a wealth of hands-on experience in asset management, governance and ESG integration, and will add to ShareAction’s approach to research.

Email: toby.belsom@shareaction.org

Pavel Kirjanas

AODP Project Manager

Pavel joined ShareAction in May 2017 during the takeover of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project (AODP) by ShareAction. Pavel supported AODP in running three Global Climate Indexes, where he performed research and analysis of the climate-related financial risk management practices of the world’s largest investors. He holds a First Class BA (Hons) in Business and Management from Oxford Brookes University, where he also carried out an independent study on climate change as an investment risk.

Email: pavel.kirjanas@shareaction.org

Peter Uhlenbruch

AODP Investor Engagement Officer

Peter joined ShareAction in January 2018 to work on the engagement with AODP investors and stakeholders. He previously undertook corporate governance research services for CDP and Ownership Matters, research on environmental, social, and governance investment factors for MSCI, and has taught business ethics, corporate governance, and CSR subjects at RMIT and Monash University. He holds a BA/Bcom(Hons) specialising in Management from Monash University in Australia.

Email: peter.uhlenbruch@shareaction.org


Felix Nagrawala

AODP Research Analyst

Felix joined ShareAction in March 2017 and supports the Asset Owners Disclosure Project with research and analysis, having previously worked on the Workforce Disclosure Initiative. Prior to joining ShareAction, Felix worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Digital Communications, and did freelance research work on the relationship between political violence and religious ideology across regions in Pakistan. Felix holds a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Durham University, and has a keen interest in music and photography.

Email: felix.nagrawala@shareaction.org

Sam Hayward

AODP Research Analyst

Sam joined ShareAction in January 2018 as a part-time research analyst. He has previously worked freelance conducting content analysis on Modern Slavery Act statements and currently works part-time in campaigns and policy for a grassroots fuel poverty organization. He achieved a Distinction in a Public Policy MSc from UCL in 2017, where he specialized in UK energy policy decision-making, and a First class Philosophy BA from the University of Leeds in 2015, where he specialized in the metaphysics of language and time.

Email: sam.hayward@shareaction.org

Anne-Marie Williams

Investor Engagement Manager

Anne-Marie manages our engagement with global asset owners, specifically focusing on UK pension funds, as well as UK and European asset managers. She engages both directly and in support of Pension Power members. She also leads the follow-up engagement from ShareAction’s surveys, including the Asset Owners Disclosure Project survey. She joined ShareAction in February 2015 to support our investor-focused projects and campaigns, with a particular focus on the Green Light campaign. She previously worked as an investment analyst and fund manager in the City as well as in education. She developed her interest in responsible investment while working as a Treasurer of the charity Listening Books over the past 11 years. She holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford.

Email: anne-marie.williams@shareaction.org

Beau O’Sullivan

Communications Manager

Beau joined ShareAction in January 2017 to lead on media engagement and communications. He has experience in public relations for the financial sector, having spent two years at Societe Generale investment bank in London and then a short stint at the British Bankers’ Association. He holds a degree in French & Spanish from St Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge.

Email: beau.osullivan@shareaction.org